Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


So, I'm heating up my press and opening my new transfer package... and it's got the same problem. That same, stupid rubbed blue stripe on all the sheets except the top one!!! *head explodes*

I am once again super impressed with the company: tho' I called as the last employee is about to go home (it's sometimes a drag to be in one of the last timezones...), I talked to a real person, who told me they'd be SURE to take care of the problem, and get me some good sheets, but it sounded like their last case from the manufacturer was bad and they fell all OVER themselves apologizing. I've an appointment to talk with a specific person tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm back to square one and getting several emails a day wondering when they'll get their Ursula shirts... *dies*

I may be reduced to buying the transfers locally, but I've got doubts that the quality will be as good and I really, really, really hate sending a new product out without being able to test it thoroughly.

One of them is good (the top one). My heat press is hot anyway, so one lucky shirt gets made...


Additionally, following up on possible email bounces:

I received a contact form from Jo, an email from Ren and Dawn, and a verified bounce from Pixiewildflower. Broken contact form from Klawzie and a successful gmail and hotmail email. Anyone else try to send something??

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