Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Eeeeeeeeee! (Cherry Coke)

I love my suppliers.

My dark transfer paper came in today, as did my new printer!!! Some people collect bottlecaps. I seem to collect printers. Have to go to gaming instead of rushing home and setting it up, the torture! My new scanner will be here tomorrow. I got SUCH a sweet deal on them, after comparison shopping some more today. Also, I picked up 3 1-Gig USB flash drives for $60 on the clearance table at Office Max, and a case of packaging tape that saves me more than half the usual price. Plus, more labels for Click-n-ship. Which I also love. And glitter! I got glitter! I was utterly stumped on my quest for mold release, and will probably have to order it.

Love Love Love!

And Cherry Coke!

(Also, my printer was delivered by a guy with the dreamiest Irish accent. He had a beard, so, minus points, but mmmm... great voice.)

I was in Safeway buying evil (junkfood for gaming!) when the power went out. It's eerie being in a power-free grocery store; it's much, much quieter. And dark, of course, and everyone is trapped there because none of the cash registers work. I bought more than I otherwise would have, but nothing tooooo extravagent; just some tea that I've been dying to have, and hot cocoa. And mini marshmellows. *hangs head in shame* It's not my fault! The power was out! I HAD to buy hot cocoa and mini marshmellows!

Car is still dead; it's definitely the alternator. *sighs* And it's really cold, so I won't be able to put a new one in (yes, I'll do it myself, TM) until we have something of a warm spell or I'll frostbite my fingers and break the belts. Fortunately, my parents are out of town, so hello Forester. Dad called this morning (from New Mexico), and was fine with that.

Wrote nothing today! Arted nothing! Mostly went shopping (and banking, and picking up mailing tubes and that kind of thing), though I did also make a stack of white shirts this morning that I ran out of time to mail today. (Tho' most of my other orders went out, so that's a plus.)

May still be on track to finish ALL t-shirts by the end of the week. *crossing fingers and toes* Was so thrilled and surprised to find the transfers in my box! Those guys are great!

Stay warm!

Cherry Coke!

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