Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's Veteran's Day, so I'm not feeling obligated to do any real work... :P

I did feel obligated to catch up on my wordcount, though! First, I rearranged the files that I had, so that there weren't 20 files all out of order, with arbitrary scene breaks and gawdawful jerky transitions. Then I recalculated my wordcount and found I'd been about 9 words off. Those are an important 9 words! Then I wrote a few words, and now my count is where it needs to be. I no longer hate my story - though there are still Bob and Betty running around, and one scene, because I was so running out of steam ends with: Ann eventually dies in fire. Very tragic. I couldn't be bothered to write it out after I made my count, and I haven't gotten back to it yet, because I had IDEAS for the next bit and wanted to plow forward.

I may write more after dinner - I have some direction now, and one thing I can safely say is that I adore my world. It's terribly interesting (IMHO), and, after like eleven years of developing it, what do you know, there's actually some depth there to draw on!

I may work on some non-fiction, too - I'd like to finish another article for EMG-Zine, in particular.

I am:
E: is a damn good kisser
L: Loved by everyone
L: Loved by everyone
E: is a damn good kisser
N: Dead sexy. One of the best damn bf/gf anyone one could ask for.

Jake would agree!!


A: likes to flirt
B: Likes people
C: Is wild and crazy.
D: has one of the best personalities ever
E: is a damn good kisser
f: people adore u
G: Never let people tell you what to do.
H: Has a very good personality and looks.
I: Is always there for their friends.
J: Lives life for fun.
K: Really silly.
L: Loved by everyone
M: Makes dating fun
N: Dead sexy. One of the best damn bf/gf anyone one could ask for.
O: Best in bed.
P: Popular with all types of people.
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Crazy child.
S: Easy to fall in love with
T: a big tease
U: Really likes to chill.
V: Not judgemental.
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to do.
Y: Dead sexy.
Z: Always ready.

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