Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Long day. Very tired, and the left side of my body hurts like a sonuvabitch. I must have slipped at some point, because my back is in absolute agony, but I don't remember slipping. Maybe it just hates me. I'm becoming convinced that it likes to be inconvenient.

Weather is wonky. 40 degrees. 40 above. Where the devil did our winter go? We've had, what, a week of it? This is Alaska... I want to be able to walk outside and feel my nosehairs freezing!

Wuss weather. Bah.

I didn't get calendars printed today. *pout* I'm pretty disappointed by that. I did, however, launch the new webpage (but you already all know that, because you've all gone to SEE it already, right?), update my email list (broke 400!), send email to said updated list, fill eight orders and get two more to 'nearly-done' state, write a moderate buttload of emails, e-pay the none-US artists, and remember to eat every meal. Good Ellen!

I also took an hour off (guilty look) to go shopping with Mom. Sears had a 25% off last marked clearance sale, and I spent a whopping $40 on half dozen shirts. The stuff I like is in style! The last time that happened was... well, I'm not sure it's ever happened. At any rate, these are the first new clothes I've bought in about 3 years, I think, and it was *painless* shopping. No crowds, everything fit, everything was *cheap*, and we were in and home again in an hour. I should have shopped for jeans while I was there, as I am down to only two or three decent pairs (as opposed to the multi-patched, oil-stained, 'that's blood from smashing my finger with a hammer' style jeans that I can't wear to work). But buying jeans is aggrevating, because I'm tall and apparently an odd shape, so I skipped that heartache for the day.

Left shoulder, elbow, wrist and side of neck are protesting the typing, so I'm headed off for the post office.

Be well!

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