Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To do Tuesday

Laundry. Buckets of it. - 4 loads down
Write AT LEAST 5k words. (No plot? No problem!) Would prefer a 10k day, since I'll be otherwise fairly useless. DARN MY DEAD CAR. - 2582 words down
Gaming @ 6.
Wash dishes at M&Ds
Work on garage furnace at M&Ds. - fixed
Check on bill for D. - done
Will be on dialup for the day, so don't expect me to be terribly active.

Running around:
Buy end caps.
Mail two packages, pick up package.
Glitter and mold release from JoAnn's or Michael's
Battery and fuse for voltimeter
Buy evil for gaming. Order food or buy some dinner
Cash checks from show.

To do Wednesday:

T-shirts and other orders.
Write 2500 words.
Fix car or at least verify the alternator.
(that will be a very full day, right there...)

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