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Strange Dream...

I had a very strange, vivid dream last night.

Mechs, huge computer-driven machines had taken over the world. They were 'dumb' as machines go, and driven to destroy humanity. A group of survivors had taken over a school and rigged it with an electronic 'repellent' that convinced the Mechs that nobody was there, or that there was no threat. (There was also a similar device that was a beacon that would draw them away, and I have a fuzzy memory of a car chase involving one of these devices)

There were some cool movie-esque shots of Mechs lumbering around this weird suburban wasteland, and the flyers that sometimes went over.

I (in whatever strange alter-ego I was... I wasn't me, really) was trying to convince a splinter family (not from the school) to join us, but they were sure they were safe in their out of-the-way house, taking the precautions that they were. (Which was basically just heat-shields in their walls.)

There were some inner-plots; some romance, some growing-up sorts of goings on in the nursery (I seem to recall babies in blister-packs, but that was the only truely un-real bit). But the main plot was a conpiracy to use the beacons to draw all the Mechs away from where-ever the main (intellegent) computer was directing things and try to destroy it. I woke up before anything more than discussion could occur, but it left a lot of interesting ideas rolling around in my head.

Maybe I watched too many sci fi shows this weekend; StarGate, Deep Space Nine, Andromeda and Futurama.

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