Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Wow, what a day.

Got up early, having the UWA bazaar today and needing to stop at my parents for showering and prettification. Packed Jake's truck the night before, of course. (Car being DEAD.)

Get to my parents, and... it's cold. I walk in the house, start to take off my coat, and think - geez, it's COLD in here. 39 degrees, to be exact, and about 7 below outside. I wiggle thermostats. (Nada) I check fuses (all good). I check water (great! Hot and cold work and drain! THANK YOU). I start calling - sister isn't up yet, furnace people will be an hour or two. I shower, and getting out to 39 degrees from hot water is not as shocking as showering outside at 40 below. I am tough Alaskan woman. Hear me roar.

I have to go (show!), so I leave the back door unlocked for them, leave another message for my sister, and go do the show.

Show went fine - exactly as I'd have predicted, which is to say good sales for the slower day of Sunday. We were next to a wonderful older native woman selling fur, and it is a little inimidating watching her sell - a single beaded moosehide purse brought more than we sold all day, but hey, it's not a competition, and we got folks' change. I'm really glad she did well - she had BEAUTIFUL work, and if my car weren't chewing metaphorically on my wallet, I'd have been tempted to get one of her hats. Mine is looking a little sick and sorry these days. Still warm, though, so I resisted.

I called my sister, who'd gotten my messages and said she'd go check on the house.

Show wraps up. Always fun, and Jennie and I have setup and breakdown down to a very fine, fast art. *zoom*

I headed to my parents house and checked - it's warm again! $115 overtime labor to come repair a faulty electrical connection in a zone valve. But hey, that's a lot cheaper than a many-thousand-dollars-all-your-pipes-are-broken bill. It's fortuitous that I came in today, I gotta say. The house would not have stayed that warm, and it would've been a LOT worse on Tuesday when I was going to be there next.

However - the electical furnace in the garage wasn't shutting OFF like it should. The themostat was set low - about 45, but the temperature registered at 55, and the fan was still going full. Not right, sez I. I unplug the thing, and plug it back in. It still wants to run. I wiggle the wires at the bottom, causing kerSPARK and the fan to shut off.


So, I brought all the soda and boxed wine (I got my cheap from my parents...) into the house and unplugged the furnace. The thing is older than I am, so it's no huge surprise, and there's no plumbing in the garage.

Now, I am going to go peel the contacts out of my eyes, take off my dress and wiggle into some fleece, and then maybe write. Either that, or go poke Jake to make dinner. Maybe both.

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