Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ready for battle!

've been missing my monthly lists, and yesterday, in particular, I frittered. I didn't goof off, exactly, but I did an awful lot of... well, I'm not sure what, but I don't have much to show for it.

So, thinking ahead for today, and then again for November. Review of October coming shortly.


Batch of t-shirts.
Finish article for EMG-Zine
Work on commission(s)


Finish commissions. (3, now closed indefinitely!)
Finalize structure of gallery, and name, nominate first batch of critics, standardize critic test with their assistance.
Finish shirt orders.
UWA bazaar, 4th - make product for me and Jennie.
Stay abreast of emails, orders and site stuff.
2 art cards for Pathfinders deck.
2 coloring books - finalize and upload. (waiting on back cover for one, need to compile the other.)

I've gone back to my original favorite name for the new site: Fantastic Portfolios. I like the double meaning of Fantastic (both excellent, and fantasy in nature), it could apply to writing if the site gets steady enough to warrant that expansion, and it's hard to muck up. I'd decided after I shut down the computer last night, and Marina's comment to my last entry was icing on the cake. I still like Cream of Art, and I'm totally doing something with it someday...

Anyway, fantasticportfolios.com is mine now.

Got the NICEST email today, which is a very good way to start the day. :)

Alright, that list isn't crossing itself off...

PS: Found my stupid labels. Right where they were supposed to be, where I looked about a dozen times. Jake found them. I watched him find them. I told him right up until the moment he put them in my hands that they weren't there.

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