Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To many freaking logins, no labels and creamthings...

I still can't find my labels. I've been looking for them since this morning, and they are Nowhere to be found. I'm very displeased by this. I didn't like how much they cost to begin with, I need them, and I have wasted far, far too much time looking for them now. I KNOW they exist. I printed on one. I have a receipt. Now, they are spending happy time with my favorite Swedish sock (whose other half is languishing in my drawer, too nice to throw out, but soooooo lonely) somewhere between here and there.

Also, TOO MANY LOGINS. It's driving me nuts. I want to make a master-login page that logs me into all of my darned EMG accounts at once. Gah. I shudder to think I'll be adding to them...

Questions for the masses regarding the name of the art gallery project I have not abandoned and am slowly pulling together behind the scenes:

Poll #856865 Cream of Something...

The name of the game. Check all that apply.

Cream of Art is just stupid.
It's okay, but cream of art becomes cream o' fart too easily.
I like Cream of Art.
I like Cream of EMG.
Cream of EMG is too EMG.
Cream? Ugh. Just drop the cream theme already... too many bad jokes to be made.
I have a brilliant idea and am posting it in the comments.

Also, GAH! This is like the fourth post I've made where LJ flips out and claims my last entry is later than this one... which is ridiculous!
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