Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I had a wonderful evening with Melody - we watched Stand By Me, which I had never seen, and Ghostbusters and talked work and play and bad movies and careers and historical bridges, and had wonderful chicken chili and cherry pie. Weekend after next, we're thinking about Goonies.

Next weekend, we've got a show.

And eeeeeeeeeeee.... is it November yet, IS IT? I'm dying to get on with these ideas. I'm using the free time to plot and outline. I know I'm going to get stuck, and it would be nice to have a spot to jump forward to. Since I don't think I can tell my story in 50k anyway, I think it's okay to have a few gaps I have to fill in later as long as I make the actual word count. This year. THIS YEAR, dammit. Sick of falling short. Willing to make sacrifices of pride and sanity.

Shockingly, when I tried snowunicorn.com, it turned up unregistered, so I now own it (I failed my willpower roll...).

I need a NaNo buddy, I'm thinking... someone to poke me when I'm slacking, and cheer me on, who I'd return the favor to - just one person or two, not an unreasonable amount of people I'd feel bad about not being able to keep up with. Anyone looking for a partner or very small group like that?

I may see if Melody wants to do that, actually. I mentioned NaNo to her and she was intrigued. I think I wouldn't have to talk too hard to get her to agree to trying it.

If you want to be on the NaNo filter (I'll post just about daily, but I'll do it behind a cut), just let me know.

Thoroughly disappointed in my lack of bruising. If I'm going to have a fall that spectacular (and it was - there was a witness!) and have spots that tender, they ought to at least turn interesting colors. I feel gyped.

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