Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

New toys = love

Much happiness for my new toys!

First off, I upgraded my laminator. My old one was a piece of junk. I just about wore it out back when I first bought it to make the RWH tarot decks... and it has gone steadily downhill since. It took about 3 passes PER SHEET to get the lamination stuck properly, would GRIND AND GRIND AND GRIND during operation, frequently got jammed - to the point that I had to babysit it and manually 'encourage (shove)' every sheet to go through. POC. My new one is industrial strength for high-use, nearly silent, has a heat-but-not-feed setting, adjustable temperature and it works like a DREAM. Same lamination, MUCH better finish. Very, very happy with it. I punched some test tarot-type cards with it last night and am insanely happy with the results. No peeling or bubbles. Didn't have to babysit it, and it fed *silently.* I was afraid it wasn't working at first, it was so quiet. Very happy.

The old one is available to anyone who wants it for the cost of shipping, but I'll probably try to foist it off locally, because I'm not sure it's even worth postage from Alaska.

Second toy: buttonmaker with circle-cutter. Not real wowed by the circle-cutter - it's not hefty enough to do magnets, but it works great for the button-making! I may upgrade to a decent circular punch eventually, but after I've seen how these sell...

The buttonmaker, though... joy!! I love it. :) The buttons are fabulous, the machine is easy to use (industrial quality for high-use) and slim in design so I'm not giving up too much studio real estate on it. SO much fun. I had to make a bunch for the show next weekend last night. A total blast, and I think the buttons are darling. We'll see how they go - I can make them cheaply, and sell them for a decently low (appealing) price, so I think they may do well. I want to play around a little with putting extras behind the plastic - glitter is what came to mind, but maybe dried flowers or other goodies, too. I'm also plotting keychains made by the same machine, with little cosmetic mirrors on the back! They look really great!

Technically, buttons and totes will be released on Nov 1 through the giftshop, but they're up now for artists who've allowed them. :)

I'll add them to the printing service storefronts shortly.

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