Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Ow. Just, ow.

Note to self: living room is still in hazardous construction mode. Do not go downstairs with a large pile of boxes or anything that obstructs ones view of ones feet. Otherwise, one will end up stepping on loose tubes of PVC and find oneself in a chaos of boxes wondering if one has broken ones elbow, or just ones hips.

Further note to self: sweep under toolbox. Lots of dustbunnies from that vantage point.

This is going to hurt tomorrow. Right (argh!) wrist also feeling strained, neck doesn't feel right, and hips... wow, hips feel just wrong. No skin left on elbow.

On the upside, got my car back, and my first batch of toys is in. JOY! LOVE!

Mailed a buttload of orders, and found that the airport post office closes at 8 now, not 9. Finished up just a few minutes after the hour - this time we got through all the packages! Need more print files before I can fill more t-shirt orders, and am caught up on all but one that isn't waiting for canvas (which is probably in - I had 3 package slips at the Geist post office, but it was after 6, so I couldn't get them). :)

Off to play with toys...

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