Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Most annoying hold 'music' Ever.

Static, and every 30 seconds, a tinny, brief: 'Please Hold.' Blech - it's worse than musak after the first ten minutes.

However, three hours, five phone numbers, two reference numbers and four sweet service people later, I am able to ditch this stupid low-limit, high-fee business credit card I'm having to pay off three times a month and get a card with airline miles, SIX times the limit (literally, to the dollar) and get on with my life. Fortunately, I can print t-shirts while on hold, so I've got another batch to press and package here. A smaller batch than last time, but that's a GOOD thing. After an hour at the window at the post office yesterday, I had to stop the lady because I had to be somewhere else, and drag two full bags of mail back with me. The people at the post office probably hate me. Not the staff - they love me because I have everything well packaged, know the answers to all their questions, don't ask stupid stuff and am always smiley and nice even when they hand me refused mail that has been through a grinder and is being returned in a plastic baggy. But one guy in line behind me told me I was off his Christmas list for tying up the line! :P I bought a scale yesterday so I can do click-and-ship. I HAD a scale, three moves ago, I just don't know where it went.

Email is being slowly vanquished.

Off to heat up the press and start digging for shirts.

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