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Obligatory State of the Union Response

What Bush said in Ellenspeak, "Blah, blah, blah, political rhetoric, support his pet projects, send non-specific AIDs relief to Africa for enough money to make my jaw drop, blah blah, stop one kind of horrific abortion that isn't commonly, legally practiced anyway, blah, blah, prohibit human cloning without any clauses or scientific consideration, blah, blah, blah. Iraq sucks, they offer no proof of bowing to OUR demands, nevermind that we don't offer any proof that they aren't, either, blah, blah, more political warmongering, blah, blah, stutter, blah."

And the man cannot pronounce 'nuclear.'

That aside, it wasn't as awful a speech as I've heard from others.

The democratic response was excellent.

My thoughts on war: Aren't we a terribly childish race? And yes, I do feel obligated to think in a big, sweeping statement sort of way. Think globally, act locally, yada yada.

I'm pretty disgusted with our government, thinking only slightly smaller (in population, if not in towering ego). I didn't sign up for this police state, and neither did the people who put this government in place. If there were a revolution I could believe in, I would so be there.

Makes me want to work on that green-people story I drafted eons ago following a particularly vivid dream.

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