Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

News of Monday.

The pile of shirts I just finished is so big I can't even pick it all up at once. After lunch and an episode of Buffy, I will package these all up. :) Did not hurt my back - I suspect the biggest problem previously was the lifting of those darned boxes and I have not attempted to so since (which does mean that they are spread out all over heck in 'stacks' of one, but oh well; it's temporary. And they'll be light enough to lift easily pretty soon, I think.). Other orders are all going out swiftly again, except that I'm out of canvas AGAIN. I ordered more last week when I noted I was getting low, and because I failed my willpower roll, I also ended up ordering some supplies to try out making something new for EMG... :) This is the first month that EMG has actually paid me wages (HORRAH!), but I'd keep doing this work for nothing just because I get to play with the coolest toys. And see the NEATEST art.

The weather is pretty, but OMG am I glad I don't have to drive anywhere! Wish it would just get COLD, like it's supposed to at this time of year already.

Progress occurring on other projects... most of the bugs are purged out of the printshop. A few lingery things, but nothing I can't get around with minimal effort, for the most part. Working on the critics' test for the new gallery site, and a poll to narrow down name options. Getting a system into place that will enable me to 'hire' some customer service folks to keep my inbox to a duller roar. I debated hiring someone to help out for a bit on this t-shirt project, but I'm so darned picky - especially on this t-shirt project, there's just no room for messups that are going to happen with someone who doesn't know what they're doing yet. Need to start making product for a two-person show in two weeks, too. (Just me and Jennie 'cause they won't let me show anyone's work who isn't a local and present at the table... this is the one I was so worried about last year because I was sure my work wouldn't stand on it's own and I ended up doing just as well as any other year, which was a fabulous ego boost, gotta say.) Waiting on files for two of the coloring books now, trying to decide what to do for the cover of a third, and need to get moving on the fourth. Still waiting to hear back from the printer on the files for the fifth that I uploaded last week.

WARNING: I am getting dangerously low on coloring books. Fishbowl Fantasies and Mythology are the only ones I have decent stock on... and even that's not here in huge quantities. The printer I'm using now is good, but slow as mud. I may not get more in before Christmas! I'm down to just 5 copies of Dotminatrix, and less than 10 of the Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy horses. Rum and Ruffians is sold out, as is the Faeries of Victoria Griffin (book 2 is at the printers!).

Need to update my own site badly. :/ And write some EMG-Zine stuff. Just a word of warning, Nov 1 is the deadline for Angels, art and fiction, and the deadline for getting other things in for December, AND the deadline for being included in the 2006 anthology!!

Question for the masses: the anthology is not going to be quite as thick as I'd hoped, just due to the number of sumbissions. Is it 'cheating' to included a bunch of extras? I was thinking about using some of my older but still relevant articles and tutorials, in particular, plus maybe stuff from other folks, too? Maybe even a bonus, not available elsewhere article? Whatcha think of that idea?

I'm also scheming up more incentives... I will almost certainly be awarding a few things to folks who've submitted artwork and fiction; I haven't decided yet whether it will be random, by quality or by quantity. Maybe a few categories, and all of the above.

Time for lunch break.

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