Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am soooooo bad...

Oh, I am bad! I figured out EMG mid-month finances and bought a new toy because it's been a good month...

No, not one new toy, but TWO new toys. And one of them was a bundle, so really, THREE new toys and lots of parts.

But they were on sale, and the shipping was not outrageous, and I've coveted for soooo long, and it's nearly 'spend the money so the taxes aren't silly' time, and yes, yes I'm trying to justify it, but you'll probably love what I'll be able to do with them. *big grins* I have no IDEA where I'll put it all.

And with that tantalizing information, I will say no more until they get here and I can use them and I'm sure I like them.

In other news:

I, too, am in the artwanted fantasy/sci fi calendar. I don't think I need to link to it (sooo lazy...) since half the folks on my friendslist are also in it and have already. :P

Aaaand, I have finally finished invoicing all the current orders! Horrah! I will be making t-shirts most of the afternoon, as I am able... my back felt less good yesterday evening, so I am not going to kill it trying to make non-existant deadlines if it starts acting up again.

Tonight, hockey with Jake. I always go see at least one of the Anchorage games. :) Boo, hiss, Anchorage! Horrah, go Nooks!

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