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Art archives: The amazing year 2003

2003 was the year I sort of got serious about art. Oh, I tried to get serious about art back in 2000 when I attempted to go freelance, but the disaster that it was - though it taught me many valuable things about requiring deposits on portraits and How Not To Make a Living At Art - sort of shied me away from serious art for a while. By 2003, I had a nice comfy job, sort of using my degree, and business was a nice sideline for the time. I pretty much didn't take commissions during this time, and doodled. Frittered, if you will. The muse, however, began to feel slighted, and took me by the scruff of the neck and said - darn you, do some stuff. Some finished stuff.

Though Portrait Adoption wouldn't really appear until the following year, I started the wheels turning, and turned out some portrait-type stuff with the site in mind. I was, however, impatient and posted this without watermarks before the site was so much as a gleam in Jennie's coding brain and I had figured out how to make it work. I detest it now, though I wish I had waited and put it at PA. It might have stood a chance at selling there, but instead, I sent the original to an artshow where it sold for $5.00. Really, I hated it, but I hated myself more for pricing it so low. Someone got a deal. The only redeeming feature is the cat, which I rather like, and the cool knotwork on the cloak.

This is probably my favorite of the year. It's one of my all-time favorites. Set in my Torn World (snow-unicorn) sandbox. I realize that the size of the heads of the two creatures is rather different - it was even worse in the sketch and someone pointed it out to me. I was only willing to fix it so far, and am unreasonably happy with it despite that. Ink and watercolors, with colored pencils, in a combination that I'm using more and more.

This is a close tie for favorite - ever or year. Burnished colored pencils, and definitely an exercise in patience. I have the step-by-step photos of this - bad photos, because they were mostly taken with my teensy Palm camera, but I may still build a tutorial out of it at some point. I did the ink for the Fishbowl Fantasies coloring book.

Another piece I did for the Fishbowl Fantasies book - I have this half-colored and may someday even finish it.

Another favorite. I seemed to generate a lot of them this year! I did this for an Epilogue contest. Didn't place, but I was really happy with the results anyway. At that point, I was going to use it as the cover for my key project, but I abandoned it. (Yes, I ditch projects. I don't cling to EVERYTHING with stupid stubbornness. Just almost everything.)

I did this for the cover for the (unprinted) Woodworks anthology. I heart Woodworks. I missed it so much I made my own. (But My Way.)

I rather like this idea and may play with it further.

I was still thoroughly addicted to Kadanzer at this time, and I'm really pleased with the tenderness of this sketch.

I did a billion-zillion little incomplete sketches like this for the Kaz stories I was writing. Most of them will enjoy obscurity in my sketchbooks forever.

More in heavy-handed colored pencil burnishing - great for rich color, not so great for wrists.

I revisited a sketch that enjoyed some popularity in my Elfwood gallery. No, I certainly haven't lost my love of dots...

I did this in August, hanging out with Jennie at Chena Hot Springs. I keep thinking I ought to do something with it, but I'm not sure it would make good products. Maybe.

This was spawned off of Ursula's fleeting LJ of art challenges. The theme was taking a cliched theme (in this case, unicorn and maiden) and doing something unusual with it.

I got tired of telling my artists 'wedding stuff!' and did it myself. :P This is the left side of the card, there's another tree on the right and room for text in the middle - oh hey, I can link to that, too!

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about these! Hah!

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