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I did actually post this weekend, but decided it was too whiny and made it private almost immediately. It's been a very, very bad handful of days in respect to my back. Apparently, lifting lots of 60 lb t-shirt boxes is not happy for it. Which you know, I probably ought to be aware of - it's been a long time since I was slinging 50 lb bags of concrete and I was in much, MUCH better shape at that time. So, instead of my plans to be productive, mostly I took painkillers and alternated icepacks and heating pads. Even sitting at the computer was relative agony.


Oh well - my strictly kind-to-self regime over the weekend seems to have paid off, and so far, no spasms or shooting pains today. I'll be on a slightly milder pace than I was last week, but it shouldn't slow me down too much. And if it does? Oh well.

I bought material on Friday to make curtains out of, as well as curtain rods for the living room. I mocked one up, and it's really pretty - heavy tapestry-style in light gold with dark pink and green floral patterns. I'll take pictures once they're up.

Okay, orders, coloring books, update a few webpages, and... other fun and interesting stuff.

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