Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Clown car...

Last night after gaming, I stopped by my parent's house on an impulse. And lo! UPS had indeed disregarded the 'signature required' label, and there were towering stacks of boxes on either side of the (very visible!) front door. I'm glad they live in a good neighborhood. So, I had to stick my bags on the floor, and the waterjugs back with poor claustrophobic Norway behind the seats, and the try to stuff 9 HUGE boxes of t-shirt and paper into my little Subaru. It was a crowded ride home!

They are still in my car, because I have simply nowhere to put them. I have begun the arduous invoicing task,* and shipped out one of the calendars because it was for a birthday, and I think I will probably fill the orders in the order that I unpack the boxes. Or something. I dunno. Herculean task, we're talking here! It'll be fun!

Got a good chunk of other orders worked on today. Much progress there! And some EMGPrintshop stuff taken care of, and at least a few emails tackled. Plus, I made an absolutely fabulous soup for lunch, with grilled cheese, for me and Jake, who is still home sick, poor dear. If he gives me his cold crap I'm going to club him with a 2x4.

I am so, so happy that my printer is working again - that was stressful, yesterday. I do need to start thinking about a replacement, though - I run these poor Epsons into the ground, and I don't think one has ever lasted more than 3 years - 2 is usual, and both of these lovelies are looking at 18 months now. I think that I will probably replace the 1280 with a smaller one - just 8.5 x 11 is plenty for my needs since I have the 4000. And, OO, the new replacement for the 4000 looks NICE. Better ink management, much smaller and lighter. I wonder if it's quieter, too?

Blah bla... just some rambly stuff while waiting for the printers to finish these jobs, which they have, so I'm going to have a well deserved cold drink and call it a day.

*Why's it taking so long? Jake wanted to know. I explained the calendar/t-shirt/extra shipping problems to him, and how I was going through all the orders to combine shipping wherever I could. So, it's taking you twice as long because you're being nice?

Well, yeah. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am.

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