Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Printer in parts...

What a day!

My plan: get up early, fill orders like crazed wild woman, get a flu shot, go to gaming.

What really happened: slept in until 11 because Jake has the flu and I can't resist cuddles, made us breakfast, found that my email was down and my printer was broken. Email got fixed (and now works much better, so I think they took my suggestion to wack it with a wrench to heart), spent three hours taking my printer apart, failing to discover what was wrong with it, poking, squeezing, prodding and wiggling until I gave up in tears, cried at Jake for a bit, and then came back with the magical prodding finger, poked at stuff I'd already poked at, and it worked. My day's pretty much shot at this point - gotta go pack up what I DO have to mail and get out of here to get a bruise on my arm.

I definitely deserve a cold delicious coke at gaming tonight.

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