Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Lovely weekend

I actually had a lovely weekend, earlier whining aside. My back is still killing me, but a long, long soak really helped things, and I spent the rest of the weekend goofing off. I'm actually reading! For fun! Mom had a Darkover trilogy at the house and I started reading it in the tub.

I've also been writing - I've got about 1k on a short story in the theme of ghost finished, and asked Megan for an extension on that. Oh yes...

PSA: I am no longer the go-to girl for EMG-Zine! I have left all of that in the capable hands of Megan Myers! Emailing me for extensions, or queries, or anything else EMG-Zine related won't do you any good! Email to Megan at Editor [at] emg-zine.com for anything you need. I'm still going to be super active, and will address any major concerns that come up, but I'm delegating. See how good I'm being?

PS: That doesn't mean I won't nag you about submitting work, however. Just, don't submit it to ME.

I also did art - four and a half ACEOS, one of which I actually like a lot. And I twiddled on a SD piece and improved it a bit. I'm debating how much work and time I want to put into the piece.

Paid bills this morning, which is always great fun, and have started poking through the volunteer forms with my mental list of what I need to sluff off. Some of the jobs I have are very particular, and not all that much fun, so I'm cautious about who to assign to what. I don't want to give people assignments willy nilly right now, and have them burnout and not want to participate when the more exciting jobs come around.

I've been as remiss as usual on answering comments and forums and personal emails, but I *do* want to take a moment to make sure that you know I'm reading them, enjoying them and adding the suggestions and such to my lists. I'm not hot at following up on friends, but chances are really good that I consider you one - my sloooow and non-existant replies are nothing to do with the fact that I like you less than anyone else or can't be bothered to care. It has a lot more to do with the fact that I think 'I should reply/email/contact this person about this issue,' but I don't, right away, and then I forget. Please don't ever take it personally.

Hmm... I had more news, but now I can't think what it was.

Must not have been that important - I have orders to fill!

EDIT: Oh! Yeah! Ursula's calendars are in stock! I will be sending out pre-orders this week instead of next. :)

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