Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Shirts and sites and stuff...

Dude, I just paid out almost $700 in SHIPPING for t-shirts. They couldn't do any shipping on this order except 2nd day. Gah. Still, they finagled me down to case rate to make up for that, and I saved $300 on the shirts themselves, so it about evens out to what I expected to pay. Still, ouchy. I will be making shirts for a week or two straight.

Nearly finished with the Printshop site - I have one menu issue (a few pages show the wrong menu!) and the internal base-price purchasing, but I am SO chuffed with myself... I figured out how to add a paypal address to an artist's account, complete with editing by myself and them, and it took database fussing! I also figured out how to add units to all purchases, so that - HAH - my new fabulous shopping cart does its job. Again, a fairly complex task with lots of little bits and parts. I also transfered it all from a subdomain to its brand new URL, horrah! And made artist links open in new windows, and fixed more links and put together all the front-end information pages. It's not as pretty as I want it to be yet, but it's functional and clean looking, so I'm not utterly embarrassed by it.

EMG-Zine stuff to finish up, too - gotta write my little column, and answer some questions, and heckle people into SUBMITTING GHOSTS FOR NOVEMBER. I wanted to have an article finished this month on doing craft bazaars and holiday markets as fantasy artists, too, but... yeah. *dies laughing*
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