Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Can't go to sleep - the projects will eat me...

They sent Ursula's calendars 2nd day air? *puzzles* Did they charge me for it??

Holy moly, they could be here by Thursday. I should have grabbed a stack of priority mailers at the post office while I was in today - the ones I ordered won't be here for at least a week. *boggles*

Ursula's t-shirt project continues to swamp me.

Got the most important (time-critical) of the orders out today, still have a stack to slog through. Nearly made a bone-headed error with one of the ones I really wanted to send out today, but at the very last minute looked at the invoice and thought 'why would I charge her $7 apiece for small prints??' And then realized she wanted TWO of each of them. Genius, Ellen. Genius. Squeezed them out of the printer (who was living up to her name today: DIVA. No, no! I don't want you to spool through all 20 sheets of paper in the tray and then protest because you are out! Why do you do that?!) and still got all my showering done, picked up ears, went shopping and got to gaming before the GM.

Gaming groups drama, which I spent drawing silly doodles for Portrait Adoption. Want to set up PA with a shop-by-price system like we had at the last site, but not sure how to tackle it yet. Possibly outside of my coding comfortzone. But I'm still feeling pretty chuffed by my accomplishments with the shopping cart and OMG IS THIS THE LAST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER?! What happened to this month? What happened to AUGUST?! I gotta work on the printshop site tomorrow. In a big way.

There was a t-shirt I saw a few times at Dragon*Con: Can't go to sleep - the clowns will get me. Can't go to sleep - the clowns will get me. Repeated over and over in increasingly tiny print. I need that, but Can't go to sleep - the projects will eat me. Can't go to sleep - the projects will eat me...

(This is actually not the slightest bit true - I am a Must Sleep kind of person. I adore sleep. I relish sleep. I am cranky if I do not get my 8 hours, and no project, ever, in the history of time has kept me awake all night. Except my ME junior thesis project, which sucked so many twinkies I shouldn't have bothered. Gah - that last year was an embarrassment. I was very much in burnt-out-give-me-my-piece-of-paper-and-let-me-do-nothing-with-it-and-go-work-on-my-business-already mode.)

And, it's bedtime, so that's what I'm going to go do now. If I'm not back in the morning, send a cabana boy after me.

Ren - I'll tackle the explanation/integration of the new voting and art board stuff tomorrow!

Also, locals! ArctiCon is returning to Fairbanks! Melissa Dale is starting it back up - if you are interested in attending, organizing, etc, lemme know. I'll put you in touch.

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