Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I'm going to do something utterly shocking and TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF.


But I gotta write some stuff down before I do, or I'll forget it...

Re-issue checks and email about them.
Re-email the CC order from D*C that didn't have an XP
Send letter to CC order from D*C that didn't clear and has no email.
Remind self why I took CC orders at D*C. Oh right, sales...
Fix printshop subdomains (something hosed at Dreamhost's end? Can't tell...)
EMG-Zine magnets and subscription reminders
Printshop FAQ, front page and other info links.
Printshop 'buying for self' links.
Finish Gothic CB - waiting on back page file.
Ursula's book
Finish orders - nearly there! Now, if they'd quit coming in... no, I take that back...
Re-back-up Freelance art folder*
Backup older desktop computer
Knock heads with Janet about gallery script and let folks on the forum know that status once I have some numbers.
Finish Silvara and Sheera - nearly there!
Scan Catie's story for her (1 page done!)
Sell old toy.
Transfer EMG storefront, and printshop, to vinyl stickers.
Order more ears.
Custom sets order page at EMG (still going round in my head over how to code that effectively)
Main page for artist goodies at EMG which links to ACEO papers and 4x4s and custom cutting page. Add to menu in products.
Ad campaigns (2)

But most importantly, this weekend, relax, have some fun, and no stressing about anything EMG.

*I got a new 200 Gig external harddrive that rocks my socks... Backup just became a helluva lot easier.

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