Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Friday report - Printshop, new domain, art and otherstuff..

Worked on orders (still not finished), worked on printshop coding - different coder, totally different use of the language, so it takes me longer that messing with Ron or Janet's codes. Still clean, logical and well-noted, but just a different kind of logic, so it takes a while to mesh with it. Fixed a few of the minor errors I was running into - played with subdomains (which don't seem to be working quite right...) and worked on the style a little. It still needs a little jazz, a front page, some FAQ, and it should be good to go. I'm not entirely happy that it's not using actual thumbnails - might fuss with that a little; the main pages are too slow to load.

Broke down and got a new domain. >.< That's... geez... 9. Oh well, I'm using most of them! And I WILL use all of them eventually...

Worked on inking a piece for Camilla, too, and played with some other sketching. Yay for art! Must remember to take a little art time every day.

Now I have to do dishes, clean my studio, mop the floors, scoop the catbox, and finish orders.

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