Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I love catch up... on fries, best.

Got about half of my orders mailed today. Maybe a little more. Gotta do clings next, since they take so long to dry.

Bought a new toy, which means I will be selling an old beloved toy. (I had a COUPON! It was cheap! I love deals!)

Also bought an ginormous black Sharpie for scribbling out labels on the boxes I re-use. Yes, I re-use just about every box that comes in if it hasn't been beaten up too badly. Probably looks unprofessional to get big orders in boxes with t-shirt info crossed out, but it's salve on my conscience and I've gotten zero complaints. But I did need this marker. I did!

New products coming to EMG! Artists, you can read about it at the forums, or log in to the lilypad to see them. :) They will be totes and custom sets (for wedding stationery sets and the like...).

Woke up last night with horrible, horrible leg cramps and haven't been able to figure out why... ate a banana today, and drank lots of water. That's about my sum of knowledge on cramps.

Also, I have blisters on my hands from the heat press yesterday. Argh!

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