Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*rolls up sleeves*

I'm back and ready to do battle with my inbox. Of course, I can't - nor can I fill orders or anything such, because Dreamhost is having problems unworthy of their status page, but which result in hours of IMAP errors. I'm going to go IMAP down someone's throat if this keeps up...

Also, I seem to have missed an inordinant amount of drama while I was gone, and I'm not terribly sorry. Just wish I could have missed more of it. Oh well, roll along...

Dragon*Con was a blast. I got to meet Jasmine and several other artists whose names escape me but whose work I'd remember. The art show was lovely, and I actually made some sales!

Getting there was not fun - that much airline time never is, and they don't feed you meals anymore, apparently, unless the flight is 7 hours. (Even then... ugh) And you can't bring most kinds of food on, of course, or liquids... which really, really sucked Wednesday night when they lost all our checked luggage and I had no cold medicine. Or pain medication for the migraine that hit after the gift shop had closed. Or anything to sell on Friday.

Despite the bumpy beginning (and very, very sparse table on Friday), we had a good time. My panel went really well, I attended several useful ones, and won a great whapping fan in one of the Pern tracks. *grin* We about broke even, but that was with airline miles, so I made the decision not to fly down next year. I will have a table there, but Kelly and Christina will be doing an able job manning it! Much cheaper than flying... and I know they'll do a good job. In 2008, we're hoping to hit World Con in Denver and DragonCOn in the same flight...

Afterwards, Jennie and I ate ourselves silly and napped a lot at my sister-in-law's, read trashy books and critiqued them in disgust to each other, and went to the Aquarium after not being able to check into the airport more than 6 hours in advance (and having about 12 hours to kill...). The aquarium is COOL. Really, really cool. And BIG.

Did some art - just doodles, really.

Cursed Delta with all my heart.

Got over my cold and gave it to Jennie.

And came back to lots to do and lots of energy to do it!

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