Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Alright, self!

So you're sick, and overworked, and borderline absolute panicked. Quit whining, self! Get off your duff, go print whatever mousepads you can squeeze out of that ink cartridge, fire up the heat press, check your lists, get the scut work ready for Jennie to do, and stop feeling sorry for yourself! Whining and hiding in the corner is only going to make it worse, you know. Taking a nap this late in the evening would be stupid and counter-productive.

You have drugs. You have water. You have hot soup and a big warm sweater. You've sucked down herbal remedies and Cold-Eze and teas, and you're feeling as good as you're going to until thing thing wears itself out.

You will stop wallowing in self pity, right now, and quit being so certain that you are going to fail and embarass yourself. You are not going to get an ear infection. Well, you might, but that's STILL not the end of the world. You are not going to get a huge embarassing zit that takes up half your face. Well, again, you might, but again, I don't think anyone will notice at a convention. They'll probably be too polite to point it out.

You will do fine, self. You will sell what you can, you will give the best panel you can, you will smile and you will suck it up if you hurt, and you will DO FINE. You've overcome worse situations. You've gotten colds at more inopportune times (though no, I can't think of any off hand), and you've always come out swinging. You're doing great! You finished Ursula's calendar! You got orders printed and mostly mailed! You got your inbox to a reasonable load! You delegated (*sniffs* I'm so proud!)! You're caught up on EMG-Zine, you've shut down PA submissions, you've got a checklist, and you still have all of tomorrow to finish whatever needs finished. Just 'cause Jake will make fun of you for not being ready a week in advance doesn't mean you're a loser.

Sure, you might bomb out at the art show again, but you pull yourself together and give it a Good Damn Shot anyway or you'll feel like a huger loser than if you tried and failed.

Are you listening to me, self?

We'll have chocolate ice cream bars at Melissa's when this is over. In a few days, it will all be behind us and you'll be nostalgic over how much fun it was and wish you hadn't wasted so many hours of sleep dreading your class. You like planes! You like to travel and watch people discover a new favorite artist.

Just one more day of work, one more day of travel, and then you'll be too busy to be so flipped out and before you know it, you'll be lying in a hammock drooling on yourself.

What, hey? Why are you still writing in LJland? We're not there yet...

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