Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I think my brain is tired.

My head hurts a bit, and all the code I looked at was complete gibberish, as were several emails.

I was hoping for a big rush of energy and motivation for the weekend, because I have a gob-smacking amount of things to get done before Wednesday, but I got nothing. Sort of a blank, tired 'ow, my brain hurts.'

My email bounced for a few folks yesterday, Dreamhost says it was hopefully a temporary thing, they couldn't duplicate the problem. *sighs* I SHOULD do some email followsup on the emails I sent yesterday and the day before - there were a few rather promising, big-name clients that may have gotten bounce-backs, and that's just horrid to think of.

The PA media browsing problem is solved! Yay Ron!

I've made a spreadsheet of things to bring to Dragon*Con ('cause yes, I am that level of Geek), and it made me think I'm a little more prepared than maybe I am. Still have to finish some stuff on my class, and compile Ursula's calendar, and write my column for EMG-Zine and stuff, too. Plus art for the show. Plus orders. Okay, I just scared myself. I'm going to go take some advil and try to beat back this headache before I tackle some of that.

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