Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A general sort of day...

Horrible dreams about packing nothing but sandwiches for Dragon*Con (nothing to sell) and getting stuck in a spot with a HUGE column and no place to set up a table. And no table. And Jennie was off belly-dancing and I needed to shave my legs for a show, but didn't have time, and everyone kept telling me my outfit was really ugly. (I stubbornly thought it was really cute.) Also, there were a lot of mirrors, and our hotel room was the size of a ballroom. I still thought my outfit was cute. It had a short swishy skirt.

Woke up, yawned and stretched. Pets thought alarm going off meant breakfast and would not let me go back to sleep. Got up, made caffienated drink and soup of oatmeal and crunchy nuggets (for protein - outmeal alone would sugar crash me in an hour).

Deleted the half dozen spammer registrations at the EMG forums. Deleted spam in inbox.

Answered the most urgent emails, PMs, Lilypad alerts. Almost all - still have several.

Discovered a horrible problem where the PA site was reporting WAY off on the number of search results - and not providing extra pages if it thought it didn't need them! Fixed horrible problem for categories, styles and keywords, but couldn't figure out how to fix them for media. Utterly baffled. Sent desperate email to webmaster who is leaving on vacation sometime today for enough time to overlap my leaving for DragonCon.

That took longer than I'd hoped - and now I'm behind on the rest of what I have to do!! Ach!

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