Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Utterly inhumane yellow jacket experiments...

(And I don't feel even the slightest bit guilty.)

We ordered some yellow jacket traps, after the success of the one my parents brought me. (They worry, bless them) This was after trying to buy them in town and finding that not only was everyone sold out of traps, they were sold out of all wasp spray and related paraphenalia.

I was sort of disappointed, 'cause it's been so rainy and chilly that I figured the problem was past, and we'd wasted our money and gotten them too late in the season. But this morning was a little sunnier, so I took down the trap that was up, cleaned it out, and reset it with some flat Coke and moldy catfood left in the back of the fridge from the first time I set the trap. Literally moldy - it was fuzzy and grossed me out, but I couldn't let it go to waste! We'd gotten the traps, I was at least going to see if they caught anything now that the worst was past.

Sidestory - one of the yellow jackets in the trap was still alive, which greatly surprised me, not only because of the cooler weather, because also the juice that had been in there was mostly dried up so there was just this gross mass of sticky, soggy dead hornets that I dumped out in the trash. I put a note on the trashcan that said 'live hornet inside' and made someone else take out the trash.

I opened up another new trap, and set it with some fruit juice and the same catfood. That one went up on the woodpile, the Coke-set trap went out to the outhouse. (Where I haven't seen any since the rain, yet, cross my fingers)

A few hours pass - about 5, and I check the traps. By the woodpile, 2 are swimming valiantly in sticky juice. By the outhouse - I lost count at 26, a disgusting mass of them crawling all over each other in dark Coke syrup!!

So, now I'm curious - is it the Coke, or the location?

I've actually sacrificed a new Coke, stirred the bubbles out of it, and set a new trap by the woodpile. I set two more with strong Tang (cause it's cheap and we had it), one at the woodpile and one out at the outhouse. I'll let you know the disgusting results. :)

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