Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

End of a day...

And it's getting dark! Must be fall...

It's been raining - a lot. Our major highway to Anchorage was closed for four days for flooding. There's only one other way around, and it's a LONG ways around, so that's a big deal for us. We're personally well stocked, plenty of toilet paper and canned food, and of course the airport was open, but it sort of makes you stop and think. And is it me, or it the whole (local) paper about the party politics and nothing about the ballot measures? That's what I want to know about...

Scanning stuff for a coloring book now, since Jennie's making scary noises about wanting her scanner back. Might have to get one of these for myself - I use it darn near every day, and it's SO sweet.

I am SO proud of myself. Yeah, it turned out to be only one piddly line of code, but I had to alter a table, and figure out a *huge* portion of the pa portrait page, and now we have standard keywords at PA, which are very cool, and may, at some point, be turned into an even spiffier searching tool. If a keywords category turns out to be particularly popular, it can even be changed into a menu category! Easily! Without having to go back and alter a whole boatload of portraits! I feel so clever. So, general adoptions are open for up to 7 portraits a week per artist. :) Lots of new stuff going up. Need to scan some of mine, still. *hoards scanner*

Tomorrow: finish orders (more orders! They keep coming in, darn them anyway!), finish coloring book (possibly), work on Ursula's calendar, more emails (back up to 94 emails from a recent low of about 80, but still under 100!!), order ink, order arches paper and maybe two tubes of watercolor in colors that I became addicted to on my painting trip...

Now, go to bed like a sensible girl, or stay up late watching stargate 'cause I can???


Answers that question...
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