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Getting sick...

Ugh. I think I'm getting a cold. I have a headache right between my eyes that doesn't feel quite like a migrane. I'm tired and cranky and have that deep muscle sore. I can't get sick!!! I have too much to do!!!

Elfwood's back. *waves a tiny flag* I browsed a little before I got too cranky to deal and went back to AutoCAD stuff. It's lots of the same. People on the message board being silly and stuffed, or redundant. I should be fair; there were some good posts, too. I'm just tired of silly people.

I keep thinking about hanging out in #loth, but every time decide not to. It's all just silly stuff. Everything's silly!!

Including me, I think.

I'm just super cranky and tired, so I'll go now, and see if I can ice my head or something.

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