Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stupidly busy

I leave for Dragon*Con in some 9 days, and I am so, so behind. >.<

Orders to fill (though making good progress on that, today, finally!), emails to answer (ARGH!), and a billion other things. I'm (*gasp*) actually delegating - I've set up an EMG-Zine staff to do nearly all of that for me, and I'm plowing through my inbox and orders like a madwoman.

Weekend was okay - worked on plumbing water into the tank so we can get water delivery before snowfall. Everything else can be done after freeze-up, but I doubt a watertruck will tackle our driveway after snow. Anniversary was nice and relaxing.

Calendar is uploaded and MAY get to me in time for Dragon*Con. We'll see! My service rep is being *amazingly* excellent and hopes to rush the order a bit.

Gotta order mousepads. So ready for that break following D*C. I still have to do my class. I have an outline, and could probably wing it from there, but I would much rather have practiced it several times. In my copious free time. Wish I had a webcam - I'd do it online and make you all watch it and give me tips. Having regular nightmares about it now, and almost wish I hadn't signed up for it.

What HAPPENED to last week?

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