Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's pouring down rain - nasty, drizzly stuf with intermintent downpours, keeping most folks home from the fair. Ugh.

Back is killing me, but toughing it out - can't collapse until everything is packed - tomorrow?

PA site is up and working, and (mostly) de-bugged. Still some oddball login problems (status) but they don't seem to be affecting actual performance. (Incorrectly showing 'nonmembers' are still going online...) There are new portraits up! They are in the registered customers only area! Are you registered? It'll tell you what's new since you last logged in and all kinds of nifty stuff.

I can't seem to edit/close any of the old site announcements. (adds to list of things to tackle)

I'm only taking a pause on my shower break - want a nice warm shower before I go back and sit in the cold some more. May even (GASP) blow dry my hair. My feet are soaked - I was all smart and stuff and wore sandals today, and there's a small lake in front of my tent nearly blocking the entrance. I have rigged a nice plywood bridge that will suffice for the day, but my toes still got wet.

Got a few 'extra' hours of sleep last night - still not up to 8, but more than I've been getting, and it felt SO nice. Had to scramble to get to the fair by noon, but it was so rainy and miserable, it wasn't like it would have mattered that I was a little late.

Been kept on my toes by spammers at the forums lately - having to delete up to seven of them everyday does not make me a happy camper. 'Specially not this week. Oh well - they're pathetically easy to spot. Mr. SexyRussionGirl and viagra48932, you only think you're sneaky.

I have new stories up at kaz, for those of you who are members! (And they're public, for those of you who aren't, but you probably won't get them without hours of backstory...) :) Read! Comment! It makes my day! But don't read them top to bottom, because they're rife with spoilers for each other... Consequences of Kiss comes first, then Positive, then Present Tense, and then Past Tense. (Future Tense is coming...) I was actually surprised to see those last two up - I'd asked they not be posted yet, but it was so long ago, oh well. I was going to write another in-between, not sure if I will now. Sort of getting 'eh' about lots of stuff.

Alright, I'm just wasting time now because I'm dreading returning to the cold rainy outside and I'm all tired and worn down - it's shower and back to work. Home stretch. Almost there.

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