Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The calendar file is saving, so I've got about ten minutes to ask questions and update before I'm back to work on it. (The thing is a monster!) Jennie's watching the fair booth for a bit - I'm going to swing by the grocery store and get us some evening snacks before I go back, which is pretty soon here. (This chair makes my back feel horrid, can't work much longer.)

First - I suddenly remembered to add holidays to the calendar! Argh! So, I'm wondering... stick to just the major US holidays? Or add fun international ones like Australia day (is that a big thing over there?) or pagan holidays like... oh, whatever those are, I'd have to look them up. What do you want to see in a calendar?

Second, my file's done saving, so I have go finish making December pretty and then pack up to go fair-ing again, so whatever else I had to say will have to wait.

Argh! Left-handed mouse and dial-up combo bad for Ellen's tiny, worn-out brain!

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