Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


PA site is pretty broken, it looks like. Something in the display image re-sizing. Also, the watermarking's not right, and adoption seems to not work. Artists are scrambling around like panicked ants and it's a little overwhelming. This would have been much easier to deal with LAST week when I didn't have a paltry two hours a day to deal with these things. Or back in May. *grump*

Lots of emails that need answered Right Now, OMG! and some drama that is OMGing me out that I know no details of and really don't want to*.

The fair continues to go well, but is, of course, pretty hectic and I'm not getting much sleep. Since I use up all my happy-smiley-friendly-don't-you-want-to-buy-something-from-the-nice-lady vibes there, I'm feeling a little cranky online when I don't have to smile. Lists of errors and complaints don't help my mood - even though I NEED to know them so I can fix them, of course. Just... frustrating. Human and all. Not really mad at anyone in particular. Don't take it personally, blah blah blah.

Janet gets the above-and-beyond prize again for fixing the lilypad to batch add clings and mini-collections. :) That probably saved me 3 days work!

*Okay, part of me does. The part that likes to snicker at the people at the fair who wear high heels and tank tops that show off more than anyone wants to see and are hobbling around on the uneven ground looking cold and miserable and flabby and unsteady.

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