Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh, how I love the smell of drama in the morning...

Or not.

Fair is still wiping me out - not a good combination with the calendar (5 months finished - looks fabulous - got permission from that last oddball artist), the new PA site (which is up!! But submissions are erroring out...), Dragon*Con stuff, a desire to paint the house and work on plumbing before freeze-up (our drain is thawed! Our drain is thawed!!), and my itchy, scratchy desire to work on two writing projects. Three. No, four writing projects. Snow-unicorns are eating my brains again.

Have outlined my class for Dragon*Con, just need to flesh it out and practice speaking in public. Need to find folks willing to listen to me gab about prints for an hour.

Also, look how good I am - I'm NOT volunteering to take over any of the half-dozen projects I'm watching languish.

Watch me not volunteer!

Also, perhaps you missed my most exciting news:

The new Portrait Adoption site is up and running!!

We'll get new submissions fixed asap, I hope.

Now I have to go press t-shirts, print prints, make magnets and stickers, and suck down some hot tea and dayquil. And work on the calendar. And other stuff. And leave in an hour.

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