Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I love the people at the fair...

I do! They're so kooky and unique.

It's so much fun, watching people walk past, even if they glaze-eyes right over me. The goths, and the bikers, and the teenagers who shouldn't be allowed out of the house wearing *that*, and the aged hippies and the starched Jesuits and the little kids who give me big eyes because I'm wearing ears... they're all kinds and shapes and ages and it's so interesting to watch them eye the artwork that's hanging up.

My favorite so far this year was Hans from Holland, who must have been 60, spry as a goat and utterly enchanted with my booth - he kissed my hand and patted my cheeks and told me I looked marvelously healthy and wasn't I lovely. He had so much energy and such a wonderful accent and laugh. I still giggle thinking about him. Everyone should be that happy.

Thought I was getting fair crud yesterday, but the sneezing and sniffling have mostly subsided, and I haven't re-dosed on cold medicine since this morning. Drinking water like a fish and bringing lunch from home to save money... it's torture smelling all the delicious, fried, nummy, nummy fair food and eating my cold sandwich. Woe is me. Back still bothers, and I've GOT to replace my chair, as one of the legs is poorly attached and keeps pitching me forward unexpectedly (ouch).

Okay, another month done on the calendar, more PA problems addressed, I've got to make some discount magnets out of these mis-print cards, and go back to the fair to close up.

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