Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I feel a rant...

There's a rant in me, begging to get out, but I keep stuffing it back in. My posts have been whiny enough lately (my email's broken! my site isn't ready! I'm busy! I'm tired!), I thought I'd try something a little different and thank some of the people who have gone out of their way to make my life easier. 'Cause oh, man, do I appreciate that!!

You're the people that make me shake myself when I just want to sit down and cry because everything is entirely overwhelming and I can't make deadlines or make ends meet. You keep me going.

Megan - you've been a rock! I couldn't do EMG-Zine without you, and you've been enormously patient with my constant last-minute-ness. You make me look good! Seriously.

Janet - you are a webmastering dream. Seriously, having dealt with several of them now, you get gold stars across the board. Both my site and the EMG-Zine site (both rather complex) were accomplished in half the time I'd (now) expect one of them to get half-finished and you've managed every weirdo hurdle I've thrown at you, enabled my wholesale shopping, fixed lilypad bugs... you are a wonder, and I would be much, much more frustrated than I am without your backup. Plus, your columns! And you always have art for me!

Annie - I think you've gotten art in for every issue of EMG-Zine, almost all of it made especially for it. That right there puts you in my good books. But then you manage to get me a great column every month, and you're always helping out when I need it.

Marina - Every month without nag, a wonderful column! And always a nice comment when I most need it.

Ren - You've been available for scut duty on zero notice, and gotten me content with about the same warning. You're always on the ball with the AB stuff, and your comments are great.

Ursula - I hate you. In the best possible way. You're off being wonderful and getting famous, and you're still meeting Mr. Deadline and supporting Mrs. Little Guy when you've got an agent and could be thinking I'm beyond her, now and be terribly justified in that thought.

Deb - Talk about last-minute-ness... you've always come through for me!! You have the best sense of presentation, and... you're fabulous, that's all! I got your CDs, and still have to send your art because I couldn't log into the lilypad and get your address right then, and since then it's gotten shuffled. Soon! Today!

PS: If you're feeling excluded or the tiniest bit hurt 'cause you aren't here, quit it. I stopped because I have to get back to work or it will drown me, not because I ran out of people to list. There are way, way more of you, and this isn't even the most important or anything, just the first ones that I could write coherently about.
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