Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I think I must still be paying back karma for something...

Well, PA's not going up tomorrow. A few days, hopefully. Maybe next weekend.

Print Services isn't going up - lots to do there, still.

Calendars aren't finished, but I did order them. (Files need to be in this week.)

Not feeling as mentally prepared for the fair as I'd like.

EMG-Zine will go up automatically tonight sometime (that's the theory, anyway...), and it did come together nicely. You guys, I gotta say, REALLY pulled the stops out for September - I've got a lot of articles and tutorials, and if no one hollers, I'd like to spread them out over the next couple of months. I'm impressed with you guys! :) Thank you SO much!

Also, JEESUS! If I see ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. in my email again, I'm going to scream. It's been three weeks of gawdawful erros, and I'd better be getting a free month of hosting out of this headache.

Yes, that's what it's doing right now. No, I am not caught up on emails. As a matter of fact, I'm more behind than I was when I came back from Dragon*Con last year.

I think I'm going to go to bed. No - zine backgrounds, build the menu, then bed.

Maybe with some banging of skull on desk surface first.
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