Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Usual last-minute EMG-Zine requests!

Okay, note that the deadline rolls around on Tuesday this month! This is the deadline for September, theme is 'school.' So far, I've got several articles and several promised tutorials, one piece of fiction (and one extension granted), but just one piece of artwork. 0.o

So, my darlings, dig into your harddrives, and ask yourself - have I got 'school' art? This theme's a little easier for article-writers than artists, but I bet you've got something. Spell books might look like school books. Maybe you have a character in a schoolgirl outfit (with something fantasy).

Email and site seem to be all better now. Cleaned the house thoroughly today, including the outdoors. Mom and dad brought me a yellow-jacket trap - three down! Seven hundred zillion to go.

It's cooler today, though, so there are fewer. Yesterday, three of the crawled along on me in one sitting, and I tell you, that is some nerve-wracking stuff. They seemed to like my ring. Maybe there was food stuck in it or something, but one of those vile creatures tried to wedge himself between my fingers while I was trying not to shriek. Very grateful when he flew off and I could escape.

Had horrible nightmares last night - Dragon*Con 'mares are in full swing. The fair is so old hat now, I think I'm just skipping it now in terms of night terrors. Jeez, it starts Friday! Well, I think I'm ready - I'm well stocked from highlands still, except to make some of the mini-collections! My tents are in order, my fees are paid, Tables are here, I've got spiff new coverings... piece-a cake.

Calendar looks *awesome* so far - really hoping to hear from Liiga about the March plate before Monday.

EMG-Zine progresses - about 50% through my article and obviously in full-swing avoidance. *kicks self*

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