Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Coding blah blah...


I have figured out how to set my cart up to actually calculate shipping intelligently, which will save me eons of effort and lots of follow-up and/or losing money on shipping larger orders with heavy stuff. Wholesale orders, even! Oo! It will take a little bit of work, though, probably several days of 'acking' and 'oh-crap-what'd-I-do' and consequent fixing, so I have reined myself back on it for the moment. Nice to know I'll be able to, though. And how to! After calendars and PS site and PA. And emails.

I made some more adjustments to the lilypad, and impressed myself with my cleverness in deciphering code. A real php coder would laugh and mock me, but I'm proud anyway.

The matting services page is finished and ready to go up on the first. Note to self, remember to announce it! So much is happening this month that it would be easy to forget it...

I have a whole weekend to myself, and I'm not sure what to do with it - Jake is driving down to Homer with Matt to pick up his yurt. Avoid yellowjackets, and work, probably. The fair starts a week from today, so I've got a ton to do.

Best go do it. Bad Ellen, wasting time on LJ!

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