Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ob-la-di ob-la-da, life goes oooo-on!

Yesterday got worse. Lots worse. Utterly filled with rejection, frustration and disappointment - about as much as you can stuff in one day without someone close to you dying or developing cancer.

Then it did one of those abrupt, unexpected turn-arounds and handed me solutions and resolutions to just about everything in the span of about two hours. Also, I got yards of gorgeous (purple!) material for a fabulous price to decorate my fair booth with. (The old table-coverings were starting to show the fact that they'd had seven years of hard use...) And someone remembered a piece I had hanging in my Gulliver's show last October and emailed me wishing to buy it, if it was still available (which it is).

Email is working again, and I've (only!) got 221 emails to get through.

Site stuff and calendars to work on today. The weekend will be finishing the calendar and - *glee* - getting PA ready to unveil. Are you PA folks ready with lots of new general adoption pieces? :)

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