Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My fingers hurt and my eyes are starting to cross

Buuuut, I have paid all of my artists, and/or written them emails telling them their balances and nagging them to submit more work. Sylver!! I need your address again because I'm a moron!

I noticed a downward trend in the length of my emails. First several were nice and chatty, how ya doing, house is great, paragraph about their kids, here's your balance, how would you like it? look at all these options! looking for new work, here's the link, would especially love to see suchandso, have a great day, talk to you soon, smooches, Ellen. Fifteen emails later, I got down to: Dear Xxx, your balance is: xxx. How do you want it? Send me new work now. Ellen.

Well, not quite, but close!

I'm going home... *yawns*

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