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FAQ help?

Have I mentioned lately how stinking difficult it is to try to answer emails when it's NOT WORKING? Gah. Enough to drive me MAD.

Okay, working on FAQ...


Ellen Million Graphics' Print Services is a service for merchandise fulfillment.

Which is a fancy way of saying, you make art, I'll make your products!

As an artist, you upload your artwork to the print services site. I approve all files for printable quality and acceptable content (nothing plagiarized, no child pornography, etc). Once I've approved your files, your work will appear on-line, at your own personalized storefront. You can select what products you'd like to offer, and at what prices.

When someone orders from your store, the shopping cart will direct payments directly to me, and you will receive your cut of the profits via Paypal within a week. I create the products and ship them directly to your customer.

What the heck is Ellen Million Graphics?

Ellen Million Graphics is a business solely owned and operated by Ellen Million that specializes in fine art printing services, fantasy art marketing and has lots of other resources for artists and writers. Find more about the other areas of EMG from the main page.

Pricing and Fees

What does EMG charge for this service?

There is no charge to start your store with up to 5 designs. There will be a modest fee for adding additional designs ($5 per year per 10, probably) once the site is past the beta stage.

There is a 5% fee off of the sale price to cover shopping cart costs and transaction fees, and from that total, the print service cost for that product is subtracted. All remaining money goes to the artist. So, for example, you charge $10 for a print. 5% is subtracted, leaving $9.50. The cost of the print is $4.25. So, you, the artist, would get $5.25. If you priced the same print at $15, you'd get $10 even. There is a profit calculator coded into the page that you set your pricing on, so you'll see immediately what you will make on a sale.

How do I get my money?

Payments are sent within a week via paypal. At this time, it is not an option to maintain a balance or receive payment in another fashion... though hopefully it will be soon!

What about shipping?

Shipping is charged to the customer when they check out. It is a flat fee of $5.50 in the US. Shipping is not included in the total that your 5% fee is charged on.

Can I change my prices?

At any time you like!

What if I want to have a sale?

You can change the prices and advertise a sale at any point you'd like to. You unfortunately, can only set a single price per product. All of your 8.5 x 11 inch prints have to have the same sale price, you couldn't have just one design on sale. You could have just one kind of product on sale!

Can I get free samples?

Not free, sorry. You can get your own copies at the print services cost, but I can't afford to send free samples!

File formats

What size should my file be?

You need at least two files! One of them is a preview image for the webpage, and the other is the print file.

The preview for the webpage must be no larger than 400 pixels on the long side, and in .jpg format only.

Your print file should be 300 dpi at the print size you are interested in. For example, if you want to offer 17 x 22 inch prints, your file must be at least 4800 x 6000 pixels. For all non-print products and 8.5 x 11 inch prints, your file must be 2400 x 3000 pixels. For more information about files, formats and sizes, please see this article.

What kind of formats do you accept for the print files?

I accept .psd and .tif print files. You may zip your file into a .rar or .zip file to save on uploading time. They can be CYMK or RGB.

Why don't you accept jpgs for print files?

Jpeg is a compressive file format. I am committed to quality, and can often not get a good quality print from a file that has gone through jpeg compression. If you wish to send a file that you are very, very confident is high enough quality, zip it up to allow it to bypass the file check. If the file is not good enough, I will let you know! I may be able to use it on products, but not get decent prints from it. I strongly recommend scanning your files as .tif files with no compression.

Do I have to make different print files for each product?

Nope! I do all of that myself from the main image you upload. If you have particular desires for how you want a product to appear, please email me. (This will eventually be something you can input on-line.)

Can I watermark my image?

You are welcome to watermark either your web images or your print files. I most recommend that you watermark your web image, but leave your print files unwatermarked. If you wish to put your web address or contact information on your print file, leave it as a separate layer so that I can make sure it never gets cut off when a product is smaller than your full file, or has rounded corners, etc.

Copyrights and Contractual Stuff

Can I upload someone else's artwork?

There is ONE and only one case in which you may upload artwork by anyone but yourself – and that is if you have official, written agency for that artist, and it is their name on the storefront. I do not allow folks to sell 'copyright free' items, or items in public domain through this service – it is for artists only.

Does it have to be art?

I suppose not! You can also upload 'word art' or graphic design. It just has to be your work.

Can I upload fanart?

No. Sorry, but no.

Am I releasing copyrights to EMG when I upload artwork?

No. You are allowing limited publication and display rights, limited to the storefront and necessary graphics to show it there. I have rights in no other way than to fulfill orders placed at your storefront.

Can I sell my artwork elsewhere, too?

Absolutely! There is no requirement for exclusivity here at the EMG print services.

How long do you hold onto files?

Until you ask me not to.

About the Products

Prints... (forthcoming... probably cut-n-pasted from the current storefront...)

One question in particular - do you prefer this personal, informal touch, or a more distant, professional sound to the questions and answers? Too friendly to inspire trust in quality? Would you shop at a places with FAQ like that if you didn't already know me?

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