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Business, RWH and Kadanzer stuff...

Got artist-pay mailed, except for three packages I still need to check addresses on, and overseas stuff.

Have Kadanzer stuff to finish that is now backdated. *smacks head* No Promises (must nudge Cherie...), Brewing 2, Leverage, and Nothing Fair. Need to rewrite Only Fear, if I can find it. I'd better be able to find it... *glares at pile of discs* Then I just have to write Losing Hope and Losing Sleep, tie up a few loose ends, and I'll be done! Pfff... Ah, who am I kidding. someone'll make some off-the-cuff comment, and I'll have a whole new multi-story plotline to finish up.

Really ought to do something with RWH stories, or back down gracefully and let someone else have Lovemaker. One crappy sketch is all I've contributed besides printing services to them in forever and a day. Linda, you still up for some father-daughter stuff? I need to write to Beth about that Lionheart/Lovemaker story, too... and I've got to do *something* about the fact that Rock is making a name for himself at the expense of my poor neglected stud.

Want to get going on some Torn World stories, too, but seem to have no motivation for them. Come on, muse... don't leave me like this!!

Business-wise, have two orders to get out, and a slug of emails for all the overseas artists, and I should do an artist-list mailout telling people I'm looking for new work. I'm so happy that the webpage redesign is safely out of my hands. What a load off!

Oh, crap... the glossy RWH calendars are only about half finished. Must finish and mail those this week. And the tarot cards are gnawing at the back of my brain. I'm actually looking *forward* to working on them. Especially since I solved part of the lamination hassle. I just need two or three days in a row, completely dedicated to said effort. Somehow I have a feeling that wasn't the romantic Valentine's weekend Jake had in mind.

And I want to have Dad over this week for dinner or something. Mom comes back the 24th, and it's rather distressing watching one's father being so lonely.

Melody came over this weekend for dinner (spaghetti and noodles), and we watched Austin Powers; Goldmember, and Spiderman. I love superhero movies. *foolish grin*

Need to do laundry, too.

I did get a new coat recently, puffy down coat that weighs about a tenth of the carpet bag I was lugging around on my shoulders. Very nice. I have to keep checking to see if I'm actually wearing a seatbelt because it's so poofy.

My life is so thrilling… /sarcasm

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