Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stupid brain!

If I could find that part of a brain which is responsible for all the ridiculous doubt and double-think that I go through, I'd stab it out with a fork.

I swear, I go over and over and over every rejection I give, and every acceptance, every project, and every email, forum post, LJ comment and everything I say. To a stupid level. Come on brain, get on board here. It's done, it's over, move on. Make the decisions on the darn calendar, stick to them, and let the poor artists know already! Quit stalling on projects 'cause you're not sure you're going the right direction or you'll just never get anything done, ever.

It would be a lot easier without this part of my brain.

(And probably the part that is so easily distracted by shiny new things... ooo, sparkly!)

Metallic scratchboard scans horribly and photographs almost as poorly. I rather like this, but the image of it stinks. Lines are more delicate than show here, and it's more sparkly and less white. Was planning to post it to my webpage for sale, but just can't show it off right. I'll trade it, instead, if someone wants - I'd most like a CD of MP3s, if someone is interested! :) I have eclectic tastes, largely I only dislike R&B and twangy country, and I particularly like unknown middle eastern stuff. Claimed!
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