Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It would be much easier to get the things done that I need to if Dreamhost weren't having problems right now. Grr!

Still, much accomplished. Got a ton of EMG-Zine stuff done, the PA site is coming together sweetly, the Print service site is just waiting on a few minutes of sunshine and my camera so I can input products, I've got a page of mini-clings and stickers and magnets ready to be made into sample packs for LAGS, and I've been slogging away at a 100 print order. (No, that's an exageration, there's only 95 prints in this order...)

Have some more art! (If dreamhost cooperates...)

Elfquest art for River Twine Holt:

Ths hairdresser is my new guy... he's more like my last EQ hunk than I would have liked, but he just turned out that way. The dreadlocked tastybit in front is Stacy's elf, Moss.

And this lovely is my guy's lifemated, but she's been in wrapstuff for 30 years, and he's moved on and has another main squeeze now. Ooo... drama!


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