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Monday, bloody monday!

Actually, not going SO badly. I got my shirt/tote order in, after an Internet order and three phonecalls to sort out shipping. God bless UPS for going ground to Alaska these days, that's all I can say. Took a shipping bill that was so high that they wanted me to fax them authorization for the charges down to less than $80. YAY. (I don't know what the original bill was, but it was well over $100.) A little peeved that they called at 5 in the morning to tell me that, but hey. We've got the phone set on two rings, and the answering machine is downstairs, so it didn't do more than wake me up and make me grumpy for a few minutes. I was tired enough to go right back to sleep.

I sent in an email offering to do a class at Dragon*Con. I've tentatively suggested one on getting started with prints - what kinds of prints, what to know about prints, papers, inks, quality, costs, setting up to do it yourself versus jobbing it out. It's not like I'll have to do any research for it. :P I was thinking about printing up some small booklets with the panel notes in it - and maybe a few copies of other salient articles. Think people would shell out a few bucks for those?

Anyway, we'll see if they even want me. I'm mostly pshaw and no way that I'm this pillar of respect in the community you seem to think I am and I think you're all horribly biased in my favor. (But I'm tickled and flattered anyway.) I just make lots of stuff and like to blab about it.

Speaking of writing stuff, it's grindstone week, so I should be writing. Fiction! Ah! What if I've forgotten how? I want to nail out a few chapters of Jenny and Bjorn. I still aim to finish that sucker. Eventually. Speaking of writing, FARP has been updated with another of my articles! http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/farp/

Other things to do today - orders, ink Niyati/Ashur, emails, and painting.

Scanner part has been re-shipped to me, hopefully it will be here soooooon. Much to scan.

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